Social Stigma of Lice

How Do We Avoid Lice

In the past week, as I treated head lice in Westfield, Cranford and Maplewood, NJ, the same question came up as I removed lice and nits from the heads of precious kids and their parents: how do we avoid lice in the future? I have developed the BEST speech that I give […]

NJ Lice Outbreaks Hit Scotch Plains, Westfield, Fanwood, Cranford and Mountainside

ga(‘create’, ‘UA-50713470-1’, ‘auto’); ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’); Recently, NJ lice outbreaks have surprised parents in Scotch Plains, Westfield, Fanwood, Cranford and Mountainside. This is not unusual at this time of year, with kids finishing up summer camp and many children returning home from sleep away camp. Unfortunately, the outbreaks are often left […]

Perpetuating the Stigma of Lice

Recently, the Doctor Oz show was caught perpetuating the stigma of lice in its “Dr. Oz’s Awkward Hall of Shame: Your Most Humiliating Health Disasters.” Among the “disasters” was a woman who got head lice from her children. Putting aside the gross inaccuracy of portraying head lice as a “humiliating […]

When a Physician Should Diagnose Lice But Sees Autism Instead…Perils of a Poor Head Check

I respect physicians. There are doctors in my family, and I admire people who choose to heal others as a vocation. In general, I believe that doctors don’t receive enough respect for the amount of training they undergo and the amount of burden they carry for the welfare of their […]