Clark NJ Lice Treatment Center Is Now NJ Lice Lady!



Former Owner of Clark NJ Lice Treatment Center, I’ve Been the NJ Lice Lady Since 2011

Lisa Rafal The NJ Lice Lady Since 2011

Lisa Rafal
The NJ Lice Lady
Since 2011


Think head lice removal has to be difficult, cost a mortgage payment and cost you hours and hours of time spent on follow up? It doesn’t.

My name is Lisa Rafal. As a pioneer in the lice treatment industry in New Jersey, I was the owner/operator of the first head lice treatment center in Union County, NJ. Having previously owned and operated two franchised head lice treatment centers in Clark and Fairfield, New Jersey, I served thousands of clients in my offices and helped many families who thought they would never defeat lice. Lice can be defeated and it doesn’t have to break the bank. The crowded lice treatment market in New Jersey is filled with companies that will sell you much more product than you need, and some product that isn’t even effective against live head lice. Some will have you doing hours of follow up and perhaps 3 or more home treatments IN ADDITION to the service that you pay them to perform for you.

The simple truth is…a certain amount of follow up is always necessary because no one is perfect. Any service that claims in one breath that there is nothing left behind and at the same time tells you that follow up needs to be done is double talking. There is no shame in admitting to being human. We all are! That’s why lice treatment is a process. There is no such thing as ONE QUICK solution to lice. However, it can be easier than most services make it out to be and it can definitely be less expensive! My success rate and client satisfaction prove that it can be easier, safer and less expensive to eradicate a lice problem in your family.

Safe, effective lice treatment should be accessible to EVERYONE and that’s why I refuse to charge my clients what my competition charges. I am able to do so by maintaining low overhead and by doing all the treatment for my clients myself. My clients get an education in lice prevention and treatment and the security of knowing that my entire reputation relies on every treatment I do being successful. My 100% success rate at both eliminating lice and having students return to school immediately speaks for itself. After treatment, NJ Lice Lady clients are left with nothing to do but some simple house cleaning. Their follow-up is simple, easy and effective. Why would you pay more when you can have the best for less?

My parents learn how to do proper head checks, receive a lesson in the how’s and why’s of lice and leave better educated than they started. My young clients receive a lesson in lice prevention and learn that lice isn’t bad or scary, it just happens. Let NJ Lice Lady take the worry, fear and EXPENSE out of lice treatment for your family today! Call or text to schedule an appointment now: (908)548-4480