Lisa, the ORIGINAL NJ Lice Lady has been serving Scotch Plains, Cranford, Clark, New Providence, Springfield and Westfield since 2011. Call now to find out what thousands have already learned…

Lice Treatment can be effective, affordable AND safe!

 Providing affordable lice treatment NJ Lice Lady, is a “boutique” service with highly personalized attention at super competitive prices!

Is it late in the day and you’ve just discovered head lice on your child? Click here to learn more about “after hours” treatment


Other NJ Lice Removal


One time visit, no return visits needed!  TWO Simple home follow up treatments are all you need to ensure100% success!

  Want you back in a week to “make sure” everything is gone, or will have you following a crazy schedule of several home treatments or daily comb outs for 2 weeks!

You are left with clean, lice-free, freshly shampooed hair! Nothing else to do today but simple housecleaning.

You may be driving home with a head full of oily hair and dead bugs. YUCK!!

You don’t need to call to ask, I’ll tell you outright. Max of $175 per person including product and one solid, stainless steel nit comb per family

(all in, no additional visits needed!)

Prices START at $175 PLUS add-ons, for products and/or additional visits. Some services won’t even post their prices because they make them up as they go along!!

Effective, non-toxic product used to eliminate live bugs and to make follow up at home quick and easy!

KaPOW! Lice Attack Solution ensures success.

Other services might have you sleeping in olive oil (ineffective) or slathering your family with shortening! What a mess!

I do every treatment myself so your success is personal to me. My reputation rests on every treatment I perform. You are not a nameless face, you’re a valued part of the NJ Lice Lady family. I personally respond to texts, calls and emails.

Franchise operations and salons are all about the bottom line and covering high overhead.

(In fact, employees may even be getting productivity bonuses for treating more people!)

Consider what you are paying a service to do for you and how much work they are leaving you to do for yourself. Why would you pay MORE to a service that gives you MORE work to do when you could pay LESS and do LESS?


 NJ Lice Lady is owned and operated by the owner of the FIRST LICE TREATMENT CENTER IN UNION COUNTY. For years I have treated families from all over Union, Essex and Middlesex Counties and I can help your family too!


Why is it better to work directly with the owner?

To some lice treatment services, you are just a number at the bottom of a sales receipt. With my Scotch Plains-based, NJ lice treatment service(conveniently accessible to Westfield, Short Hills and Cranford), you always deal with me, the owner. As my client testimonials attest, I aim to make this a painless experience. Sometimes, we even have a little fun.


Read about my history and philosophy to understand why NJ Lice Lady is different. For more testimonials and information visit and like our Facebook page. Subscribe to The Lice Lady Speaks to get up-to-the-minute updates on outbreaks, myths and facts about lice and other head lice information every parent can use. The amount of conflicting information found on the Internet can be a tremendous source of confusion for parents and caregivers. Use NJ Lice Lady as a resource for educating yourself on the REAL facts of lice!