You Must Tell People When You Have Lice

You must tell people when you have lice. No one wants to be the one to send that email or make that phone call. Especially not when the reaction on the other end of the line might be a little overwhelming to handle. I recently treated a family and the mom did a lot of mental math around trying to figure out if she really needed to call one person in particular. Why? The person has a history of overreacting when told their children may have been exposed to head lice. Here’s the problem: if no one wants to tell you because they fear your reaction, you may end up with a bigger problem because of it. Lice outbreaks persist, in part, because people don’t inform their social circles and in doing so, they allow lice to continue to be passed back and forth between the children. If you have lice and you don’t tell the people you know that you have it, you are putting yourself at risk of getting it back despite treating it properly in your own family.

It’s a fact that lice tends to run through social circles. It is simply the nature of the beast. If we can get to a place where we react to lice just as we react to the flu or the stomach virus, we’ll be doing ourselves a huge favor. Yes, lice is annoying. Yes, I’ll even submit that it’s gross to have bugs on you. When you get past that part, what your left with is a minor inconvenience. Lice don’t cause diseases, they don’t hurt us and they don’t threaten our lives. Truly, there is nothing to be “freaking out” over. If you don’t tell people when you have lice, you risk re-acquiring the problem from either the original source, or from a member of the social circle to whom your family may have given it.

Aside from the cleaning and other things people associate with head lice, there is also the exorbitant cost most services charge to treat families. On the low end, when it’s all said and done, you’ve spent $200-$250 per head, $325 and more for the higher end. While my fees range from $125-$175 per head (soup to nuts, including product used to follow up) I prefer that families learn to treat at home on their own. It’s no different from bandaging a skinned knee or treating a common cold…parents are capable of doing this on their own. Some services claim that they only require one treatment. That’s never true. There is never a one treatment solution to lice. Every lice treatment protocol requires some kind of follow up after the initial treatment. Every one. If anyone tells you they have a one treatment solution, run!

Are you afraid to tell? There is a way to send an anonymous email to friends and family. Contact me at Contact mefor information on how to use it!


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