Lice Treatment Reviews


Scotch Plains Lice Removal Service, NJ Lice Lady, Receives Rave Reviews from Former Clients!


Lisa is very knowledgeable, patient, and her methods are effective! Lisa’s method was the best and easiest way I have experienced to eliminate lice – no long hours every night, no toxic chemicals. Best of all after you are done – NO LICE! Thank you, Lisa, for providing this valuable service to parents and children. ~Courtney A.

Lisa is wonderful and knowledgable about this. I found Lisa very generous. She taught me very easy way to treat lice and she followed up on it even…She even kept reminding about about days of treatment. Thank you Lisa for all your help and I will recommend any one for you. Very trustworthy. ~Hina P.

I can not thank Lisa enough for her help and guidance as my family had to deal with a case of head lice.  This was a very difficult time and I had no idea where to begin with treatment. Lisa’s kind words and calm manner were so comforting to both my daughter and myself.  Lisa walked me through the treatment process and taught me everything I needed to know on how to treat lice. With her guidance, I was able to get safe and effective products, treat the problem at hand, avoid future outbreaks and get my daughter back to school lice free. Thank you Lisa for being an amazing teacher and helping my family. ~Lisa A.

Lisa was a fantastic resource for me when I discovered that my daughter had lice. I called her at about 8:00pm, out of the blue and barely knowing her. Lisa sat on the phone with me and told me step-by-step what to do. The most important thing was to not freak out! The next morning and she showed me how to properly comb out my daughters hair. It took me about 2 more hours to finish the combing out and then I had to comb out my other children also. But I was able to do it because Lisa provided me with all the knowledge I needed. Perhaps the biggest thing I learned from this experience was to keep a lice kit in the house because finding the right products at 8:00 at night wasn’t easy!!! ~A.A.

Lisa is so wonderful. Her treatments are effective and informative. She explains the process of getting rid of lice in a safe way that works!!!! You need not worry about what chemicals you are putting on your child’s head. Her products are safe & effective. When my nieces had lice she helped us immensely! If you have a lice breakout she is the ONLY one I would trust to get rid of them! Thank you Lisa – your knowledge and expertise about lice is God sent! ~Nicole Z.