Have you just discovered your child has lice? Here’s some After Hours Lice Treatment Advice

Many people, in the panic of finding lice on their children at bathtime or bedtime, feel that treating the problem is urgent and must be done at once. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the best thing you can do is get everyone to bed at a decent time so that the family is well-rested and able to take on the problem in the light of day.

My advice is based on my professional as well as my personal experience. In 2008, when my son was discovered at 7 pm to have a heavy case of head lice, I panicked and insisted it had to be treated THAT NIGHT! It was nearly 8:30 pm before the nitpicker arrived to help us. By 9:30 pm, my 6 year old son was screaming that he was tired and he was going to bed. He was refusing to allow the woman to continue combing his heavily infested hair and was insisting on climbing into his bed to go to sleep. It took a serious bribe (a Wii gaming system) to get him to sit back down and allow her to finish.

My professional experience has shown me that tired children are less cooperative and ultimately more difficult to treat properly. This is why I highly suggest not starting to treat lice past dinner time. It is not just the amount of time needed to treat the people in the family that creates the issue, but also the housekeeping needed before going to bed. If you endeavor to treat lice in the evening in the hopes of everyone getting to work and/or school the next day, ultimately you will find that you are unsuccessful in accomplishing that goal and you will be left, in the light of day, with an exhausted family. Conversely, starting fresh in the morning gives you an entire day to both properly treat the affected family member(s), complete the housekeeping needed AND have a normal dinner and bedtime. In the end, you will make the experience much more pleasant for everyone if you are able to maintain your composure and wait until the clear light of day to handle your lice situation.

By the time parents discover lice on their children, it has typically been at least 2-3 weeks since the problem began. Despite the panic you might feel right now, finding it does not create an emergency. Your children will be fine waiting until the morning. Take a deep breath, keep calm, have a glass of wine or tea and email me to schedule your appointment for the morning! njlicelady@gmail.com

Please DO NOT run to the drugstore to buy a pesticide. Read here for information on why this is not the approach to take in desperation or panic.