Head lice information and education that every parent can use and trust is in short supply on the Internet these days.

I’ve researched and utilized my own experiences as a lice treatment professional (Lice Lady) to put together pieces that address the concerns I’ve heard parents voice over and over. If there is a specific question you have, please contact me directly and I will be happy to help. My desire is for parents all across the USA and the world, to have access to accurate and scientifically sound information about head lice treatment and head lice treatment services.

It is my solemn wish that every child who has lice be treated safely and effectively. NJ Lice Lady’s creation is a reflection of that wish. I enjoy being a resource for parents with lice questions. Crazy, isn’t it? I love talking about lice! Unfortunately, good, solid head lice information is hard to find on the Internet. Your friends may have experienced lice, but maybe their experience was a nightmare and they were poorly informed. Perhaps there are “amateur experts” in your community who help to spread the misinformation.

Please read on and acquire as much information as you can. I love feedback, but please keep in mind, comments are moderated. No foul language or nastiness. I welcome healthy debate as long as it’s respectful!