How to Defeat Pesticide Resistant Super Lice

Pesticide resistant super lice are the likely source of head lice outbreaks that persist in communities. When the traditional “go-to” methods fail, lice continues to spread.

Recently, parents in a town in NJ reported that out of approximately 100 fifth grade students, nearly 23 had been found to have head lice. The general statistics for head lice vary, but depending on whom you ask, you’ll find that somewhere between 3-6% of school-aged children have head lice at any given time. When more than 20% of the children in a population have head lice, this points to a problem. More likely than not, the problem is treatment failure due to pyrethroid pesticide resistance. The popular OTC lice remedies are pyrethroid pesticides, to which a recent study proved lice have developed a resistance. In NJ, about 30% of lice tested were resistant to the pyrethroid pesticides. So, what’s a parent to do?

Dimethicone, a silicone oil, is highly effective against live lice while being completely non-toxic at the same time. Proper removal of nits is necessary in any school district which enforces a “no nit” policy, and so the use of a dimethicone-based product, such as KaPOW! Lice Attack Solution, together with a high quality solid stainless steel nit removal comb (not one with a plastic handle that cannot be boiled for sterilization purposes), is the perfect recipe for defeating even pesticide resistant super lice.

NJ Lice Lady has helped hundreds of families defeat these stubborn pesticide resistant super lice. If you or someone you know is struggling with head lice that isn’t responding to a traditional remedy, I can help. Contact me today at (908)548-4480 text or call.

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Result of treating pesticide resistant head lice with pesticide, these bugs were removed from a client two days after she was treated with Nix. These bugs survived that treatment.



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