Toxic Household Lice Sprays and Special Lice Cleaning Products

My least favorite thing to hear is that a parent, in addition to treating their child with a pesticide that didn’t work, has sprayed a pesticide all around the house, on mattresses, furniture, in cars, etc. The fact is that the “lice killing” spray that is found in drug stores is a .5% Permethrin product. To put it in perspective, the OTC pesticide shampoos for head lice treatment contain a 1% concentration of Permethrin and many many times they fail to kill all live head lice. That being the case, the only thing parents accomplish by spraying this junk around the house and in cars (where we often re-breathe the same air for long periods) is the polluting of their environment.


There are no special lice cleaning products or lice sprays to rid your home of lice. LICE DON’T LIVE IN PLACES THEY LIVE ON PEOPLE! A head louse can only survive 24-48 hours off a human head. The only thing you need to use to clear your home of any possible bug that may have come off a person’s head is a vacuum, a clothes dryer, your freezer and/or an adhesive lint roller. If you can vacuum it or lint roll over it, do that. If you can’t put it in the dryer for 30 minutes on high heat or stick it in the freezer overnight, then stick it in a bag or an empty room for 2 days. Changing vacuum bags, sterilizing the laundry, covering furniture with tarps or throwing away personal care items is completely unnecessary.


Just remember, no matter how much you clean your house, if you fail to treat everyone properly, you will still have a lice problem. People with recurrent lice don’t have a problem because they failed to clean their home…it’s because they failed to treat every affected member of the family properly and completely.


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