Lice Treatment For Special Needs Children

Lice treatment for children with special needs can be more difficult and upsetting than it is for neurotypical children. For a child with sensory integration issues, Lice treatment for children with special needsthe process of being combed over with a metal nit comb can be torture. In fact, sometimes, it is nearly impossible to treat a child with special needs in the traditional way. It is possible to effectively treat lice without completely overwhelming a child. With recent research linking a rise in Autism with pesticides and herbicides, it is also understandable that parents of children with special needs may be even more opposed to using toxic products on their children. The NJ Lice Lady treatment process is pesticide free, while being completely safe and totally effective.

I understand that the traditional approach doesn’t work for everyone and I am committed to working with families who require adjustments to treatment protocol in order to accommodate their children with special needs. I believe it is even more important for these children to be treated in a safe, non-toxic way. The stress of a lice problem can magnify the challenges in a family already managing the special needs of one or more children. With a proper approach, your child can be treated without being traumatized.

Having head lice doesn’t have to traumatize anyone. Not parents, not children, not anyone. I can help make it so much easier. Call me or email me to find out how.

To read more about the current research indicating a possible link between pesticides and herbicides and the increasing frequency of Austim, click here