NJ Lice Lady is proud to recommend the following companies offering lice treatment services in South Florida and Pennsylvania.

In recommending a lice treatment company, the following criteria are examined:

  1. A one on one interview with the principal(s) of the company to determine protocol and methods. It is essential that the company utilize a methodology known to produce positive results.
  2. Pricing! I don’t price gouge my clients and don’t refer to anyone who does! Fair and reasonable pricing is important. If prices aren’t posted on their website, beware! This is a tactic they use to get you to call for information and then hard sell you with scare tactics. Don’t be fooled!
  3. Service must be owned by a hands-on owner. If an owner isn’t having client contact and overseeing work, quality can be compromised. This is why large franchise operations do not appear on this list!

Lice treatment is something that distraught parents seek out. The companies on this list can be trusted to provide quality service, compassionate care and reliable results! If you are the owner of a “mom and pop” service outside of NJ and want to appear on this list, please reach out to me at NJLiceLady@gmail.com