Pesticides and Autism

There has been much debate about the possible cause of the steady increases in the rates of Autism we have seen in the United States. Some recent studies have drawn a link between maternal exposure to pesticides and Autism. I have been saying for years that I believe the future consequences of pesticide use for the current treatment of head lice may well be devastating. I had no idea the amount of research that had already been done.

Food for thought: not only are parents exposing their own children to pesticides repetitively which may, down the road, be implicated in the rates of Autism skyrocketing for the offspring of the girls of today, but they are also introducing more pesticides into the environment thereby exposing entire communities to higher levels of pesticide in the water table. Since girls get lice more often than do boys, it is especially concerning because a girl is born with all of her eggs in her body. The pesticide exposure on her body (particularly repetitively) is potentially exposing her ova (eggs) to the pesticide. This is in addition to environmental exposure and exposure through the food supply. Is this enough to increase her odds of having a child with Autism? Are you willing to take that chance for her or for your future grandchildren?

These are two interesting articles worth having a look at:

This article addresses mothers who use pyrethroid flea shampoos during pregnancy. To clarify, permethrin and pyrethrum are pyrethroid pesticides.

This article discusses glyphosate, Monsanto’s Round Up.

If you’re so inclined, there is a lot of information out there about pesticide use/exposure as it relates to Autism as well as birth defects and congenital malformations.

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