Post Lice House Cleaning Tips

You are only concerned about live adult bugs for the house cleanup. The full house cleaning needs to be done one time only. While doing a cleanup is an important step, treating the head is most important. An important statistic to remember is that less than 2% of cases of head lice are acquired through contact with furniture or rugs. Here are your post lice house cleaning tips…

Please take steps to prevent children from using items that need to be cleaned


Dry items go in the dryer for 30 minutes on high heat, if you are washing anyway, as long as items enter the dryer wet and come out completely dry, you may dry on whatever setting is best for your clothing

*This list you only have to do after the first application of the treatment product, with the exception of bedding…see below

  • Special stuffed animals, blankets, or lovies that can go in the dryer (do this 1st so it is available as soon as possible)
  • Bed linens, comforters, blankets, pillow shams, towels. Lice do not burrow. They are only on the surface. On days when you do your follow up treatment, you may place these items in the dryer for 30 min on high heat once more. This applies ONLY to your bedding and while it represents a very cautious approach!
  • Any clothes in laundry and on the floor
  • Coats, hats, hoodie sweatshirts, sweaters (anything that has been worn in the last 3 days)

**Anything that cannot withstand the hot dryer cycle or be vacuumed needs to be bagged for 3 days or placed in the freezer overnight if needed sooner.  An adult louse cannot survive very long off of a human host.

General Housekeeping

Areas to go over with a Vacuum or an adhesive lint roller…Only clean areas where someone with lice has put their head

  • Cloth sofas and chairs
  • Cloth car seats & safety seats
  • Any large throw pillows or lounging pillows that can’t go in the dryer
  • Carpets that kids have laid on around the TV, bedroom, and playroom
  • Carpets that clothes may be laying on

*It is known that a head louse cannot survive very long without a human host.  Lice have legs with claws on the ends of them so they can cling to fabric but cannot get around well on leather, plastic, wood or other flat surfaces. Lice do not burrow. Items such as pillows or mattress pads that were covered by a pillowcase or sheet do not need to be cleaned.

Hair Accessories, Hats and Brushes

Helmets & Hats & Hair Accesssories

Hair accessories like pony tail holders and head bands can be placed in a zip top bag and placed in the freezer overnight (minimum of 8 hours) and may be immediately used afterward. Any bicycle helmets or batting helmets that have been used within 3 days of treatment need to remain unused for 3 days (from the last wearing) or put in the freezer for a minimum of 8 hours. Baseball hats or winter hats can go in the dryer for 30 minutes on high heat, remain unworn for 3 days or be put in the freezer overnight.  If the hat or helmet has not been used then it is fine. *Children should ALWAYS have their own helmet with their name clearly marked on the outside.


Brushes and Hair Accessories

You will need to clean your brush(es) on the day of your first treatment. Our recommendation for cleaning brushes is to boil water in a stockpot, take it off the heat and then submerge the items until the water cools off. The water needs to be at least 130º. When you can comfortably put your hand in the pot to retrieve the brush(es), you may use them. Plastic combs need only be washed in soapy water, lice cannot cling to a smooth surface and boiling water may melt your combs.