What are “Super Lice” and how can you stop them?

Does the term “super lice” make you think of little bugs leaping tall buildings in a single bound?

Turns out, “super lice”, is just a term that describes the emerging strains of lice that are pesticide resistant. This is a good news/bad news kind of situation. Actually, in my humble opinion, it’s a good news/good news situation. Here’s why:

As someone who has helped more than a thousand people fight the battle against head lice (and WIN!), I stand firmly in my belief that head lice should ONLY be treated by non-toxic means. The good news is that the best way to eliminate “super lice” is through non-toxic treatment! The win-win here is that not only do you beat the lice, you do so safely and without toxic pesticides.

What’s the big secret to eliminating “super lice”? As with all lice, the key to eliminating the problem lies in two parts: getting rid of live bugs and removing the nits (eggs) to arrest t

super lice pesticide resistant lice

Result of treating pesticide resistant head lice with pesticide, these bugs were found on a client 2 days after she was treated with OTC pesticide

he infestation. By using synthetic oil based treatments, live lice are eliminated safely and effectively, while the human host avoids exposure to toxic chemicals. Synthetic oils work effectively to block the louse’s spiracles. Spiracles are small openings on the louse’s abdomen through which it both breathes and excretes. Lice eat blood, which contains a lot of water. Excess water is generally excreted through the spiracles. When the spiracles are effectively blocked, excretion becomes impossible and the result is that the head louse dies. Natural oils, in contrast to synthetic oils, may change in viscosity as they are exposed to heat.Synthetic oils, by contrast, maintain their viscosity far better in the presence of heat and are therefore much better able to effectively block the spiracles and therefore inhibit excretion. It is a well-known fact that lice can remain alive for many hours (perhaps up to 12) without breathing, however, they are not able to go long without excreting.

For more than 5 years I have worked with a synthetic oil-based product called KaPOW! Lice Attack Solution. I have never seen a treatment failure when the product is used properly, and I have never seen anyone have an adverse reaction to the product. You don’t need a pesticide to kill lice. In fact, there is a less toxic, more effective way to kill ALL lice, not just “super lice.” Knowing this is the case, why do we continue to pour pesticides onto our children and into our environment?

Do you know someone who is battling “super lice” or ANY kind of lice? There is help and there is hope! Contact me today!