Today I was doing my usual look through Google Analytics to see how people have found my blog. Someone was referred here after querying “can you use Ulesfia and Nix together”. I wish I had been standing here face-to-face with that person. My answer? NO!! I don’t like either of those products because they are both toxic. Setting that aside, they are both supposed to do the same thing…kill live lice. Even though the Nix packaging claims to kill nits (lice eggs) we know that it doesn’t do that reliably at all. It doesn’t even kill live bugs reliably.

There are strains of head lice which appear to be pesticide resistant. My guess is that the person who input that search query was dealing with one of them. When using a lice treatment product, if you still see live activity after the first application, you must assume that you have a resistant strain of lice and move on to something else. And by something else, I don’t intend for people to move on to a stronger, more toxic pesticide! There are very effective, non-toxic treatments available. There are also safe, non-toxic products available over-the-counter.

If I could have a moment of face time with every parent who is dealing with head lice infestation in their family, I would tell them that it is not necessary or even preferable to utilize toxic agents to eliminate lice. Of course when it’s found on the shelves of a pharmacy or written on a piece of paper by a physician, it seems simple and safe. Take note: there are pesticides out there that are highly toxic and available by prescription. I have had parents in my office sheepishly admitting that they checked their children’s breathing hourly while they slept with a pesticide that stunk so badly they feared their kids would suffocate from it. I have read the warnings about pesticides so toxic they are banned from use on crops and yet they are readily available in a pharmacy with a prescription.

Lice don’t kill people. Lice don’t cause cancer. Lice don’t cause neurological side effects. Lice are uncomfortable, unsettling, and perhaps even distasteful. They are also easily eradicated when using the proper methods. Contact me for more information on safe and effective lice treatment! Email or


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