CLC approvedileneIlene Steinberg is a woman with a mission: to properly educate parents and children about head lice and how to safely and effectively treat lice at home. She formed The Center for Lice Control to further her mission and NJ Lice Lady has partnered with The Center for Lice Control by becoming a CLC Approved Lice Treatment Provider.

What does that mean? It means that NJ Lice Lady has met The Center for Lice Control’s rigorous standards with regard to treatment technique, adherence to strict non-toxic treatment protocol and successful completion of the CLC training and certification program.

It also means that we proudly offer KaPow! Non-Toxic Lice Treatment and Prevention Products to our clients.  Manufactured right here in The Garden State for The Center for Lice Control, the KaPow! Product Line represents the highest quality available in non-toxic lice treatment products.