Bad Advice: Using Kerosene for Lice Treatment

As I often do, I am looking at Google Analytics to see how people have found me. In the past few weeks an overwhelming number of people found “The Lice Lady Speaks” because they Googled “lice kerosene” or some derivative thereof. I am horrified. It shows me that there are more and more people out there considering using kerosene for lice treatment. Why? Because the OTC pesticides aren’t working they way they used to and parents are desperate for a way out of “lice hell.”

Back in the “olden days”, parents would be treat head lice by putting kerosene in their children’s hair. It chills me to think about how many kids had flammable liquids on their heads in the name of killing lice. Of course, back then, no one used seatbelts, kids didn’t have carseats, people smoked and drank while they were pregnant and no one knew what cholesterol was! Today we know better. Or we should. There’s an expression about a duck…”if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck.” I feel that way about using kerosene on kids for head lice. If it seems extreme and dangerous (which is does to me), then it probably IS extreme and dangerous.

If you know someone who is planning to put kerosene (or turpentine or some other toxic, flammable, dangerous chemical) on a child’s head, be the voice of reason and intercede on that child’s behalf. There are safe, non-toxic ways to treat head lice. You can email me at for information on better ways to conquer your lice problem. Fighting lice doesn’t have to endanger anyone’s health or safety and it can be successful.


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